A Day-Trip with a difference on Saturday 15th September. The coach departs from St. Alban's
    at 8.00 a.m. prompt.   (NOTE: One-hour earlier start, due to distance).

    a.m. Coventry Cathedral.
    There have been 3 Cathedrals in the past 1,000 years: the 12th century Priory Church of St. Mary, the medieval Parish Cathedral of St. Michael and the modern Coventry Cathedral, also named for St. Michael.

    On the night of November 14th 1940, 40 acres of the City Centre were destroyed by German bombers. After the war, Coventry was rebuilt and a new Cathedral was Consecrated on May 25th 1962. The blackened ruins of the old Cathedral form an approach to the new, and a wooden cross made out of two charred roof timbers has been placed on the original Altar with the inscription ‘Father Forgive’ carved behind it. The new Cathedral, designed by Sir Basil Spence, is an exciting example of modern architecture. The exterior is of pink-grey sandstone in a series of massive vertical structures, stark and Gothic in their effect. Graham Sutherland’s vast tapestry (the world’s largest!) of ‘Christ in Glory’ dominates the nave, which is lit by slanted stained-glass windows throwing strips of light towards the Altar. The Bapistry Window, designed by John Piper, represents the Light of God, breaking into His world. The glass was painted by N. Patrick Reyntiens, O.B.E. who is responsible for the five Stained Glass Windows in St. Alban’s, Romford. The Font is a boulder from the hillside near Bethlehem where Jesus was born. The ‘New’ Cathedral was itself an inspiration to many fine artists of The Post-War Era. The Architect, Sir Basil Spence, commissioned work from Graham Sutherland, Ralph Beyer, John Hutton, Jacob Epstein, Elisabeth Frink and Others – most still to reach the peak of their artistic careers.

    1.00 p.m. LOW MASS with Hymns.

    A Picnic Lunch is not included. Bring-your-own or lunch at the new Rising Café (at the north-west corner of the Cathedral) located in St. Martin’s House next door to the Cathedral or from the Cathedral Shop (in St. Michael’s Avenue).

    p.m. Look-A-Round Coventry.

    An important city since the 14th century, with a history dating from Anglo-Saxon times. A nunnery destroyed by the Danes was replaced by a Benedictine monastery founded in the 11th century by Leofric, Earl of Mercia. It was his wife, Godiva, who is said to have ridden naked through the streets of Coventry in protest against the oppression of the people by Leofric. The original ‘Peeping Tom’ who came out to look is commemorated by three statues. One is a 17th-century wooden statue on the first floor of the Leofric Hotel, the second is above a shop-front on Hertford Street, and the third is on a clock overlooking Broadgate, the city’s main square; as Lady Godiva crosses the clock, the head of Peeping Tom pops up. A statue to Lady Godiva stands in Broadgate.

    A Silk Weaving Company was founded in Coventry in 1627 and at around the start of the 18th century, a Ribbon-weaving Works was established, assisted by a number of Huguenot Refugees who brought with them silk and ribbon weaving skills. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Coventry became one of the three main U.K. centres of Watch and Clock manufacture. The origins of Cycle Production in Coventry lie in the manufacture of Sewing Machines. By the 1890’s the Cycle Trade was booming and Coventry had developed the largest Bicycle Industry in the world.

    A few of Coventry’s medieval buildings remain – among them St. Mary’s Hall, once a merchant’s guildhall; the Church of The Holy Trinity; St. John’s Church; St. John’s Hospital; and the lovely timbered houses in Priory Row. There are also some well-preserved old city gates. Primarily Coventry is a modern city, with well-planned shopping centres, a new civic theatre, the Belgrade, and fine parks and gardens.

    5.00 p.m. prompt. Coach departs Coventry.

    Tickets are priced £30.00p for adults and £15.00p for children. Considering the cost of coach travel and the logistics of coach access and parking together with the transportation and storage of food and drink a Picnic Lunch will not be provided, thus enabling us to peg the prices at last year’s figures.

    Please give your names and money to Our Honorary Parish Archivists, Mr. Frank and Mrs. Diana Bradbrook, as soon as possible.

    Join Us – and let’s FILL THE COACH! 
    “........... to be a pilgrim” in the 21st-century