Would all people who hand-in names of SICK PEOPLE (to be added to the list in the Weekly Newsletter) to be PRAYED FOR, please keep Father Hingley INFORMED of their present condition.



Miss Mary Moore is co-ordinating the collection of your used postage stamps for THE LEPROSY MISSION (The Church of England Children’s Society having ceased their Stamp Appeal) on behalf of St. Alban's. Please bring your stamps to Church and deposit them in the labelled-box by the Font.

Help stamp out leprosy

Available from the back of the Church are copies of the fourteenth issue of The NEW Church of England Catholic Societies Newspaper TOGETHERTHE CATHOLIC VOICE IN THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND, for Christmass 2018. A Late Delivery! It replaces the Quarterly Newspaper of Forward in Faith entitled Forward! Plus which ceased in Summer 2013. ‘BE A CATHOLIC IN THE KNOW’, by taking and reading a copy.

On the Tract Stall at the back of Church are some free copies of THE ADDITIONAL CURATES SOCIETY magazine (Spring/Summer 2019) entitled GOOD NEWS.

The Additional Curates Society was founded in 1837 to enable poor and populous parishes to have Assistant Curates through the award of grants.

It also fosters vocations to The Priesthood by organising conferences on Christian Vocation and Priesthood. The A.C.S. produces a wide range of Christian Literature and is engaged in printing (they produce our Parish Holy Week/Easter and Christmass Cards each year).

As a parish we support the Society every year (since 1992) through our Lent Savings.

Help yourself to a copy.